last update: 09 Aug 2008

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  CheckWavpackFiles  -  free utility to check Wavpack files / directories / drives.

  Current Version
2.0 BETA2:
  adds multi-core/processor support
(up to 4 files are checked simultaneously)
updated to Wavpack 4.50 code
no longer scans Recycle bin folders
Win9x no longer supported (use previous version)

BETA2 fixes several bugs, including display corruption @ ~200-300 files checked, accidental recycle bin file enumeration and more.

This free, easy-to-use & stand-alone Windows utility can check single Wavpack encoded audio files, or an entire directory tree (or drive) of them for errors.  Be sure to read the included ReadMe file for details.

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 Download  2.0 BETA2   for Win2k/XP/Vista
 Download  1.1   for Win98/SE/ME (Win95 is not supported and probably won't work)
  Usage :

    just copy the .exe to the directory to scan from, and double-click.
    ... or right-click a folder in any Explorer window/file dialog ->
    ... or drop a file, folder or drive icon onto it (or a shortcut to it).
    ... or pass the scan path manually:  
CheckWavpackFiles <path>
    ... or place it somewhere in your %PATH%, then you can invoke it anywhere on the command-line.

It will make a list of all Wavpack files found there, and then test each one for errors.  Any bad files will be written to 'BadFiles.txt' (this is even auto-launched into Notepad for you at the end):

I originally wrote this as I'd ripped my CD collection at a time when my CPU was overheating - I had around 1500 files and a few of those had bad blocks (but I didn't know which).

I also like things to be stylish, and it was interesting to see how much of that you can squeeze out of a plain text environment with very limited colours.  The multi-processor support in the new 2.0 version was another challenge (correctly displaying simultaneous checks is tricky in text).