last update: 16 Dec 2008 The first-ever 3rd-party file format plugin for Wavelab!

August 9 '08:  Free utility to check Wavpack files
(new beta with multi-processor capability!)

Updated to Version 2.0 BETA2!   Grab it here.

Nov 25 '06:  Plugins updated to v1.01!

Fixes incorrect (optional) MD5 hash generation for 8bit files.

 Intro :

This plugin allows you to load all Wavpack encoded files into Steinberg's Wavelab 5 or Wavelab 6 audio editors, and also save losslessly compressed Wavpack files.

All valid Wavpack file types can be imported, including lossless, lossy, lossless 'hybrid + correction file' and even self-extracting .exe files.

Lossless .wv files can be saved (and also directly recorded/ripped/rendered to in Wavelab 6), optionally as self-extracting .exe files (which will auto-extract to standard .wav files when run).  Many advanced encoding options are available, including MD5 checksum generation used by file traders.

ID3v1 and APEv2 tags are also fully supported.

 Why Save to Wavpack?

Wavpack is a mature open-source and royalty-free audio compression format.  The lossless compression mode used by this plugin creates files that take up less disk space (typically 50-60% of the original), but can be reloaded without any loss of information - ie. they will be 100% identical to the original audio data.

Saved Wavpack files can be played with most media players, and even burned directly to CD:

  • many players have built-in support for Wavpack files.
  • all DirectShow-based players (like Windows Media Player) can be enabled with this DirectShow plugin (you may need to associate the .wv extension with your player)
  • Winamp, Nero and other plugins are available from the Wavpack format creator's site.

There are even some portable audio players (including the iPod) that can play them directly using the free Rockbox firmware alternative - I carry my entire CD collection in lossless Wavpack on my iRiver H140!

 Donations :

The plugins are free of charge, but my time is very limited and even small donations are welcome.  They will also give me an incentive to continue development, including bug fixes and updates when new Wavpack/Wavelab versions emerge.

Donations can be made via credit/debit card or Paypal (you don't need to have a Paypal account). 

5 UKP  (approx. 8.70 USD / 7.40 EU) 
another amount in UKP,   
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Current Version: v1.01  (Nov25 2006)
Incorrect MD5 hash generation for 8bit files fixed.
v1.0  (final)
Good news, the plugin is out of beta!
Even better, this release is approx. 10% faster!  (subject to disk performance)

Thanks to those who beta tested and provided feedback so far.

Includes Wavpack 4.31 fixes

Wavelab 5 plugin v1.01  NEW!
See the included
  License.txt  for licensing terms, and  ReadMe.txt  for installation and testing instructions, limitations and known issues.
- Download updated to include the missing documents! -

Wavelab 6 plugin v1.01  NEW!
The previous version of the Wavelab 6 plugin was included on the Wavelab 6 CD (in  /Extra/Wavpack Plugin).  You can just install this one over the old version.

Wavelab Studio 6 plugin v1.01  NEW!
The previous version of the Wavelab Studio 6 plugin was included on the Wavelab Studio 6 CD (in  /Extra/Wavpack Plugin).  You can just install this one over the old version.

Future updates (if any) will appear here, so check back once in a while ...

.WAV / Wavpack Sample Files  10.3 MB
for testing/verification

 Problems / Comments:

If you notice a problem, please write down the exact steps that reproduce it.  Attach the Wavpack4Wlab.log file from your Wavelab directory, and if necessary any (small!) .wav / Wavpack files that demonstrate the problem, and email everything to:

gl.tter [AT] r-i-l [DOT] net

Comments are welcome too.